"Jennifer is both a fantastic planner and a wonderful person to work with, choosing her to coordinate your wedding is choosing to have an amazing wedding with minimal stress. Our wedding took place at Hummingbird Nest Ranch in Santa Susana, CA and my husband and I planned our wedding all the way from Baltimore, MD. So, we needed a coordinator with whom we could readily communicate and rely on when choosing crucial aspects of the wedding. 

Now for the evidence. Months before the big day, she was in constant contact with not only us but also with all of our vendors. She went through our contracts and pointed out excesses or necessities that we would never have noticed. If we were missing a vendor for a particular occasion (i.e. hair & makeup, transportation), she was ready with recommendations. Need a bus, limo, Segway, space shuttle? Jennifer has the connection. When I was making a quick trip to Los Angeles, Jennifer went out of her way to meet with me. She drove from Hollywood to my house in Northridge, claiming that it was on the way to Alhambra--
its not. And I know she cares because she made that drive at 3pm in LA traffic and I wouldn't even do that for a blood relative. 10 minutes before my husband and I made our grand entrance to the reception, my bustle came undone. Within seconds, there was Jennifer pinning left and right the layers to my dress which numbered in infinity. She doesn't cave under pressure and she's always ready with a contingency plan. She is the swiss army knife of weddings.

She made us feel special and made sure our event was uniquely tailored to us, which she achieved by taking the time to actually get to know us! I honestly have no idea how she manages to do it all, and we are eternally grateful for everything she has done for us. She saved our wedding more times than we could count and we are eternally grateful that we partnered with her to coordinate our event."
- Lauren
"This review is long overdue.

There should be no other wedding planner you need to look into outside of Jennifer. 

She was absolutely amazing for my wedding in LA this past July. She goes above and beyond the call of her duties and was so very easy to work with. She really made our wedding 100% problem-free. Not a single thing went wrong and it’s all because of her. You hear the horror stories of all the things that go wrong on the wedding day, but Jennifer made our day feel like a perfect fairytale.

A few highlights:
Regularly checked in with us in the months leading up to the wedding and carefully planned out our timeline well in advance of the big day. 
2. Super duper great attention to detail.
3. Great with managing vendors and telling them what to do and where to be - excellent leader.
4. On the day of the wedding, she made sure we stayed on schedule without any feelings of being rushed. 
5. Always making sure we were doing ok throughout the day and always touching us up when needed.
Button on my tux came loose right before the grand entrance into the reception, and within minutes she was patching it up with a sewing kit that she pulled out of nowhere. Magic I tell you. 
7. There’s more greatness to tell about Jennifer the wedding planner, but I think these reviews have a character limit.

Overall, she really made me and my wife enjoy our wedding day (and week) to the fullest. That is saying a lot since it was the best week of my life - and she put in an extensive amount of time and effort to make that happen."
- Darwin
"Jennifer did an amazing job helping my family plan my Grandma's 100th birthday party. She designed a beautiful dessert table and went above and beyond to make sure it was exactly what we wanted. She is detail oriented and great with communicating over email or text, and trust me, there were plenty! Everything from set up to clean up was a breeze which made us all feel at ease the day of the event. The vendors she referred us to did a beautiful job with the florals and cake as well. I would definitely use her for future events and refer her to friends and family."
- Andrea
"Jennifer was EXCEPTIONAL in ensuring that our special day would be as smooth as possible for our destination wedding! She consistently checked in to see that we secured out vendors, offered tips on how to save money on decor, and had the most detailed checklist. Jennifer is a perfectionist, and her organizational skills surprised even myself - making sure all the i's were dotted and t's crossed. At times there were hiccups, as can be expected to plan an event overseas, and Jenn's professionalism in helping coordinate our day with all of our vendors definitely helped us feel relieved so we could enjoy our day. She went above and beyond, and created beautiful personalized vow books for us! We also had a traditional tea ceremony and small reception back in Northern California a couple months later, which she was able to easily and quickly help coordinate. Jenn will take care of you and help execute the vision of your dreams!"
- Lin
"If you're searching for a wedding planner still, look no more. I've known Jennifer since our college days. We've remained in touch through social media for a good chunk of the past 14 years. I knew she planned weddings on the side through photos she and friends posted. Then came my turn to plan a wedding. I wasn't planning on hiring a wedding planner initially but realized how complicated the process was once everything began. Given I was planning my wedding out of state made it more difficult. Jennifer doesn't know this, but I stalked her website and read many reviews before reaching out to her. Given my obsessive planner nature, I did my homework. Reading the reviews only validated what I knew about her. I HAD to ask this woman to be my wedding planner. She said YES and our first conversation lasted about 2+ hours discussing my vision for the wedding. There it was, the beginning of a new relationship. :)

Jennifer started planning in January for my wedding on July 21st. She provides expertise like a professional, for instance guiding us through the Certificate of Insurance process for the venue, or giving unbiased advice on vendors, yet supports you like a friend. Giving her personal opinions on decorations, and offering to drop off cash to one of our vendors (which she did twice) just so we could take advantage of a cash discount. Or lending me items out of the kindness of her heart. Seriously, how do you get someone like this? She's an incredibly versatile individual. 

In my opinion, the main things are expected of any planner. Creating timelines/instructions, following up with vendors, making sure everyone is doing what they are supposed to in order for the wedding day to turn out perfectly. She manages all of these with professionalism and finesse. When I stayed up until 3 am, she would be up until 4 am incorporating my suggestions into the timeline and reaching out to vendors regarding the changes. But, Jennifer knows that's the minimum. It's all about the details and how she makes you feel that sets her apart from other planners. 

She's a compassionate listener, who constantly checks in and offers help. She remembers every little detail from every conversation. I swear, this woman is just something else. Her communications are error proof and clear. And she's doing all of this ON TOP of a full-time job? Can you imagine what she's capable of accomplishing if she actually did this full-time?

We really gave her a run for her money. As a couple, we were very ambitious about our big day by packing in as many activities as possible. Leveraging 10 vendors and a good number of friends for various roles for the wedding, so automatically that's a lot more work and people for her to manage. 

Regarding the details, its little things such as bringing envelopes for our guests who arrived to the wedding with just checks but nothing to put them in. She also brought tape for the wall decorations for the tea ceremony. Something I totally missed. The morning of our wedding, she arrived while the bridesmaids were still getting ready and steamed their wrinkled dresses. The most memorable moment was when my husband's button on his tux fell off right before we had to do our grand entrance followed by the first dance. He was adamant about buttoning his tux. This is when Jenn proved she's extraordinary. She busts out her sewing kit and literally sews his button back on, just in time for our entrance. My mind was completely blown. 

During dinner, a server accidentally spilled lobster soup on my dress. Jenn flies to the rescue with wet wipes from her purse. The stains come off instantly. Our jaws drop to the floor. 

She stayed until almost 3 am cleaning up the venue and making sure every item was packed neatly for us in the room. When I came back from the after party, the room was organized, clothes folded, and everything was put away nicely.  

I've gotten so many compliments from our guests specifically saying our wedding was the most organized, well-planned wedding they have attended. Jennifer 100 percent contributed to this outcome in making sure everything was executed flawlessly. 

I could go on and on but I want people to actually read my review so I'll end here by saying, there isn't a single better investment than hiring Jenn as our planner of the 10 vendors we hired for the wedding. She kept us sane by making the whole process easier. I can confidently say, she would do this for all of her clients regardless if you have a relationship with her beforehand. Knowing the kind of person Jennifer is, she holds herself to the highest standard and truly has her client's best interest at heart."
- Lisa
"Among the thousand wedding decisions we had to make, hiring Jennifer was the best one because it made wedding planning so much less stressful, and it freed up our time to focus on the things we liked about the wedding. We both have jobs, lives, travel, and stuff. Although we probably could have planned the entire wedding by ourselves, it would have turned out much crappier, and the planning would be pure misery. There were so many things we didn't have to worry about because Jennifer would scout the places for us, or find us cheaper vendors, or negotiate for us, or craft stuff out of her garage so we wouldn't have to buy them or look for them. She's a jack of many trades. 

Working with Jennifer is like hanging out with one of our best friends. She is fun, funny, easygoing, smart, and cultured. Jennifer is always on time. She picks up phone calls or calls back right away. She replies to texts and emails right away. She's open to whatever we want to do, helps us with options if we don't know, and then goes out and makes it happen. She kept us organized, on time, and optimistic. 

Jennifer anticipated our needs, listened with an open mind, and offered suggestions when needed. Her network of vendors surpassed our expectations, and if we needed or wanted something else, she'd find options for us in no time. She is super meticulous and has the needs and desires of the wedding couple and guests always in mind. She has great taste in fashion, decor, food, and trends, which translated into a successful, picture-perfect event full of happy guests. Her pricing is fair--actually what we paid is cheap considering the effort, value and results we received in return. HuieCo Events gets our highest recommendation."

- Thuy

"Every couple should hire a wedding planner, and Jennifer is the best.

We had a destination wedding of 320 guests in Malibu and 2 days of events--a welcome dinner at a private estate then a church ceremony at Our Lady of Malibu and dinner reception at Calamigos Ranch. 

Major crisis 4 weeks before our wedding. The original venue for the welcome party canceled on us without explanation. The news was devastating. With less than a month to go, we had to find a new space, with limited time and budget, that would accommodate 300+ guests in the Malibu area AND rent bathrooms, a generator, furniture, food, bartenders, lighting, sound for a live band, AND 12 shuttles to transport our out-of-town guests from their hotel and airbnbs.

It was a gargantuan task, and we were on the verge of a nervous breakdown. But Jennifer didn't bat an eye. She went to work right away and found 3 venue options, made site visits for us, selected all the party rentals for the new space, designed floor plans, and coordinated with the hotel, transportation shuttles, and all the vendors to create one of the livest and most beautiful welcome parties ever, with less than a month's notice.

The next day she coordinated our spiritual ceremony at Calamigos Ranch, cocktail hour on the ferris wheel lawn, and dinner reception at the Pavilion at North Point. Everything went on without a hitch. Our friends and relatives all had a wonderful time; many said it was the best wedding they've ever been to. The photos and videos came out fantastic, the memories so happy :). It certainly was the best weekend of our lives. That's why we can't thank Jennifer enough. Our wedding turned out so much more beautiful and perfect because of her. So glad we picked her to plan our wedding
- Nick
"We recently worked with Jennifer Huie and HuieCo Events on a wedding in Malibu, CA. Jennifer had reached out to Swoop to help assist with her client's group transportation for a 300-person pre-wedding event and wedding, which took place over the course of two days. When Jennifer reached out to Swoop about the needs for her client's wedding and the event, you could tell she had one goal in mind: to make it the best possible event and wedding for the bride and groom, and their respective guests and families. The Swoop team could tell from the beginning that Jennifer has incredible attention to detail -- the fact that she was so involved with the transportation made me that much more confident that she was like this for all of the vendors working the two days. She was an absolute joy to work with -- she never seemed stressed, was always open to brainstorming new ideas, and over the course of the two days, was always available to help make any decision if things were needed on the fly. 

For Swoop, over the course of the two days, we provided 15 sprinter vans for their Friday event, followed by 5 large mini coaches/shuttles for the Saturday wedding. When you run a two-day wedding for over 300 people, it's important to have a wedding planner that you can work with and trust. Jennifer and her team performed at a high-level and made it easy for the guests, selected vendors, and made it a memorable weekend for the bride and groom. We look forward to working with Jennifer on future events!"
- Pete
"Words can’t express our gratitude to Jennifer Huie for being such an amazing wedding coordinator. As a man, I was pretty clueless to how much details go into planning an event. Our wedding had over 300 people attending, and all my wife only had to do was look beautiful and she did. Everything went better than I personally expected. It went so well, even my brother contacted her for his wedding. Again words can’t explain how thankful we are to Jennifer and her crew!!"
- David
"Me and my husband found out about Jennifer through a coworker. We have interviewed a couple wedding planners before her but when we met, we got along right from the start. Sparks flew! She was easy to work with and understood the kind of couple we were. She was professional yet easy going and fun. She was my best friend through all the planning of our wedding. She listened to what we wanted and gave us suggestions when we didn't know. She was very flexible and always available. I only had her for the 3 months of coordination but I would text and email her the whole year I was planning and she always responded. I was convinced that we were the most annoying and obnoxiously drunk wedding party she had to deal with but she pulled us in all together and made sure my ceremony and wedding went accordingly. I don't know if wedding planning would have been as much fun as it was if I didn't have her around. Same goes for the wedding.We enjoyed our wedding so much and I don't know if that would have been possible without her help. "
- Nicole
"Very friendly. Very good response time. Took care of all the things we asked her to and more. Helped reduce the stress my wife was going through. She's the best!"
- Philip
"Huie and her team was the first vendor we booked and we're so thankful that we booked her! Our Chinese wedding of about 300 guests would not have ran so smoothly if it weren't for her and her team. Huie created a custom package for us that best fit our budget and needs. Even though our wedding was in Norcal, she made it work by being very responsive and accessible via email and text. She even flew up to San Francisco to meet with us and our vendors. As a bride, the decisions that need to be made can be quite overwhelming especially when you don't know which details are important or should be asked. Huie's strength is in her attention to all and every minute detail, which made it very easy for me and my now husband to stay organized and make smart decisions during our wedding planning process. I'm a bit of a control freak but it was easy to let her take the lead on many things as she is very responsible, follows through with everything and always had our interests in mind. Huie is also great at adapting to last minute changes, which was the case during the last two weeks leading up to our wedding, she was very patient, courteous and worked with us to communicate with our vendors. Lastly, she's also a very sweet, fun and thoughtful person to work with and we're so glad that we became friends during this process. We love her to pieces and we're so glad that she was our wedding coordinator! "
- Linda
"We are so grateful to have had Jennifer as our wedding planner. She is extremely organized, detailed oriented and helpful. Planning a big wedding is so multi-faceted and can be truly daunting. It was such a relief to have her as a resource throughout the wedding planning process. She was always quick to respond when we had any questions. Best of all, she is open, thoughtful, and easy to work with. We can't thank her enough for everything she did to make our special day run as smoothly as possible! "
- Deanne
"My husband and I were planning our SoCal wedding from the Bay Area and the month of coordinator I hired was pretty much useless. She was so bad that after my wedding, I ended up having a lengthy conversation with the owner of the company she worked for to tell her how disappointed I was in the service she provided. If it wasn't for Jenn stepping in and helping us from Day 1, I don't know what we would have done!
By now, all brides know that hiring a wedding coordinator is a MUST HAVE. But from my experience, a better advice from me to you is to hire the RIGHT coordinator. Trust me, it makes all the difference in the world to have a competent and highly organized coordinator who is passionate about her clients. Jenn is exactly that and more. If I can give her more than five stars, I would! She is extremely detail oriented (her famous "to-do" lists and excel planning sheets are amazing and were sooo useful for keeping us on track!), responsive (I did most of my planning late at night and she seriously responds to emails asap no matter how late), knowledgeable (she gave us tips on how to save money, which local vendors to go with, etc), proactive (she was so great in anticipating potential issues and bringing it to our attention before they became actual issues), and overall a joy to work with. Basically, she acted not only as our wedding coach but our life coach during that time....keeping us organized, sane, and "cheerleading" us on to the finish line. We can't thank her enough for her friendship, kindness, and professionalism in helping us execute our wedding successfully. I highly recommend Jenn and her wedding services! I guarantee it'll be the best and easiest decision you'll make about your wedding!!

- Aiko

"Thank goodness for HuieCo Events! Jenn was our day of coordinator but went the extra mile by helping to organize, dot i's and cross t's, days before our wedding-- super helpful as things start to get a little hectic before the big day. My husband and I, along with all of our guests, had so much fun at our wedding & it couldn't be pulled off without HuieCo's organization & attention to detail. Can't thank them enough for helping to make our wedding day flawless! "
- Caroline
"We had the pleasure of working with Jenn for our wedding on July 23, 2016, and overall a great experience.  Jenn gave some ideas from the beginning that got the whole process rolling. She even went above and beyond by meeting up with us a few times before the wedding and helped to make sure we have everything needed for the day. My dad even said that our wedding planner will probably get more future businesses from friends and families since everything was on schedule with time to spare."
- Frank
"Jenn is one of the most responsible and tough (but in the best way possible!) event planners!

I am fortunate to have been in the industry for over 12 years and have worked with my share of vendors and Jenn is a standout!  She has a great insight into the business and her customer service is where she thrives.  I believe that as professionals in this industry we are not meant to just meet standards, I believe we are here to raise them!  Jenn is an embodiment of that philosophy!

She is meticulous but understanding, firm but flexible and most importantly she has her client as the main priority.

It is always an honor and a pleasure to work right alongside with HuieCo Events!"
- Ricardo (Irises Designs)
"Words cannot explain how thankful I am to have (Jennifer) Huie plan my wedding. 

I hired Huie to plan my wedding on July 3rd, 2016 and she made the entire process stress-free and easy! I know my husband and I were not the easiest couple to plan a wedding for, as we were completely clueless. Huie knew exactly how to get us on track and she thought of every single detail down to the minute. She's also extremely responsive and is great at setting expectations. 

She was also very keen on picking up our sense of style and helped us choose great vendors. The wedding was perfect and stress-free, all because of Huie. Even the vendors, venue staff, bridal party, and parents were raving about how amazing of a planner she is! She really went above and beyond to put on the most perfect day for us!

- Andrea
"First off, I must mention that planning a wedding is not easy especially if you are the most indecisive bride (ME) and have an overbearing mother (MINE). Initially, I thought I could plan a 250+ wedding by myself, but I was SOO WRONG. After all the craziness that comes with a wedding, one of the best decisions I ever made throughout this whole wedding process was choosing Jennifer to help plan my wedding

Jennifer Huie has many packages that meet the needs of her clients. For me, I chose the partial coordinator package and I think Jennifer went above and beyond her role as a planner. I never met such a hardworking and detailed person before. Jennifer Huie guided me and basically held my hand throughout the whole planning process which I needed and appreciated. From all of 
her excel sheets that helped keep me organized, from her just being available all the time when I needed someone to talk to, were just some of the few reasons why I loved working with Jennifer Huie. 

More importantly, I am sure every bride has this problem. PINTEREST.  I found that I had TOO many inspirations from Pinterest and wanted everything incorporated on my wedding day. Luckily, someway, somehow, with Jennifer Huie and her expertise, guidance, and excellent vendor list she was able to achieve everything I wanted. I wanted to be able to bring the "outdoors" into an indoor venue but on a budget while trying to not make the place look tacky.  She was able to put all my thoughts into one theme/concept "vintage secret garden." There was this hedge concept that I was trying to incorporate to achieve that theme, and I think Jennifer Huie did a great job in researching and working with the florist to make sure that my vision came true. And it was perfect!!! 

Not only is she Jennifer prompt, efficient, and detailed oriented but Jennifer also works well in stressful situations. I didn't realize this until looking back, but having someone being able to work well in stressful situations is exactly what I needed in a planner. I cannot mention how many hiccups and unanticipated changes that I came across during this process. I had a small disagreement with one of my vendors, my mother changed the WHOLE timeline 2 days before the wedding, and I had to re-book all the vendors. In these moments and instances, Jennifer Huie worked calmly and patiently with me through it all. 
Eventually ,my day came together perfectly and I sincerely thank Jennifer and her team to giving me a perfect wedding day. I couldn't have done it without her.

At the end of the day, I highly recommend
Huieco Events because they are a group of responsible, hardworking, and understanding people to work with. They really understand the logistics to what it takes to make a bridezilla's dream wedding come true. My husband and I could not have imagined
an more perfect day and it was thanks to Jennifer Huie and her team."
- Emily
"Let me start off by saying that I was an extremely picky but indecisive bride which I've heard is a wedding vendor's worst nightmare :P. Jennifer Huie managed to pull off our dream wedding despite the many hiccups, which I will describe below, and made our wedding seamless. She is extremely detail-oriented, organized, prepared and yet still creative and great with helping with design. Her team was extremely professional and really was the anchor that not only prevented our wedding from falling apart but made it so much better than what we had imagined.
We hired HuieCo Events for month-of services and am so glad that we did. We had originally hired a different planner who just was not understanding what we wanted and regret to this day not going with Huie Co to begin with. She was always available to answer any questions or bounce ideas off of. Whenever I had a hard time making decisions and whether the $$$ was worth it, she always gave her input but somehow managed to stay impartial until after I made MY OWN decision. She never made me feel as if I was making the wrong choice (which is the problem we had with our previous planner) and was extremely supportive of whatever choice I made. She was just as excited as I was about every little detail, even though my sisters and husband were starting to get bored! When my dress wasn't fitting correctly two weeks before the wedding and the ceremony site still was not approved THREE days before the wedding, she was not only supportive emotionally but she took the reins and said "let me take care of it." And she did.
Her attention to detail not only matched mine but even went beyond (which was a problem with our last planner), and I knew as soon as she started the "month of" duties that I could completely trust her with it all. Even my now-husband was shocked at how much I trusted her with everything. My friends and family were surprised at how calm I was weeks before the wedding despite our venue not pulling through, and I know it was only because I had Jennifer. She asked me questions that I hadn't even thought of (although other vendors have said I knew too much about weddings) and she made sure that we were prepared. She made us extremely detailed timelines, one for each vendor and even one for bridal party/family; she made us to-do lists, must have lists, song lists, etc that made it so much easier to tell our vendors exactly what we wanted. We just knew that she would do whatever she could to make sure our vision was carried out.
We (and when I say we, I really mean just me) had prepared a lot of DIY items to fill our ceremony site, cocktail hour, and reception in an attempt to save some money. We had HUGE boxes of so many items and Jennifer always made me feel as if it was not a problem. She was just as excited as I was about the little details that I had arranged or made (and us bridezillas know it's ALL about the details!) and her team set up everything just as I had envisioned.
The few days leading up to and the day of our wedding, there were a lot of corrections that needed to be made with our venue - i.e. there was things that were promised that they kept forgetting and Jenn, my husband, and I had to meticulously go through the venue's estimate over and over and remind them of what was promised. And of course on the day of, the venue did not set up things correctly, some items were completely forgotten, items were malfunctioning, and while Jennifer was probably stressed out picking up the pieces while trying to reach our inaccessible venue coordinator, she never let it show. In fact, I did not receive a single call/text/message about all the things that was going wrong because Jennifer ensured that we remained in our wedding bliss. And isn't that the entire point of having a planner??? To have someone who wholeheartedly is just as enthusiastic about your envisioned wedding that she would do anything to make sure it was still carried out as best as possible while never letting you catch a glimpse of the stress?
We were just so blessed to have Jennifer and her amazing team to help us manage the stress leading up to the wedding and to basically handle it all on the day of. Hiring HuieCo was one of the best decisions we made during our wedding planning process. And for any bride that is seeking a detail-oriented, emotionally supportive, dependable planner who makes you feel as if wedding planning still can be fun, then HuieCo Events should definitely be at the top of your list!"
- Jenny
"Jennifer was referred to me by my high school best friend. I got married this past summer in Los Angeles. She was able to squeeze my wedding event in her busy schedule--thank you! From the very beginning, Jenn was quick in all forms of communication and was incredibly accommodating to our busy work schedules. Jennifer really listened to what we envisioned and piece it together for our Big Day. She's incredibly organized and comforting throughout the process. The best part of it all is that, I caught myself laughing and having fun with her so much that it felt like we've been friends forever! I highly recommend Jennifer Huie and her wedding coordination services. You will love her!"
- Jen
"I don't know what I would have done if my husband and I didn't hire Jennifer to be our day-of wedding coordinator. We would have definitely been running around like chickens with our heads cut off. She is very organized, responsive, detailed orientated, always prepared and professional. She was always one step ahead of me. When I had something on my mind, I would try to get in contact with Jennifer to get them resolved, but she had already taken care of it. It's like she knew what I was already thinking and had taken care of the situation before it escalated to anything major. She was always proactive and never waited until I needed something. She took the initiative to check in on us and to let us know she would be handling this or that and to make sure we didn't worry about anything. She actively kept in contact with our vendors to ensure contracts were executed and to ensure timelines for the day of wedding were confirmed. I never had to worry since I knew we were in good hands. Jennifer managed to balance a full-time job, coordinate multiple weddings and her own personal life. I'm not exactly sure how she does it! Overall, I would definitely recommend Jennifer and HuieCo Events for your coordination needs."
- Wendy
"We had the pleasure of working with Jennifer from HuieCo Events for the month of the wedding. From the first day to the very end she made our wedding day a day we can never forget. Our wedding venue at the Skirball Cultural Center in Los Angeles required that we hired at least a day of coordinator for our wedding day even though we had a venue coordinator at the Skirball because of all the little details that needed to be handle with outside vendors.

My husband and I had no clue about weddings because we were never apart of wedding, nor were our friends. She was very organized and detailed oriented. From her many experiences with weddings, she brought up things that we didn't even think of during our walk through of the venue. She always came prepared with the list of the "to do's" that we needed to complete or even consider.

Jennifer is very flexible and understanding. My husband was very involved with the wedding planning because of my night shift scheuled. Jennifer and my husband helped coordinate several things for the wedding, execute vendors, and even planned a last minute suprise confetti during our first dance. She always communicated through texted and emailed for any questions and concerns. There were so many last minute details that she helped coordinate with vendors.

On wedding day, she had a team of assistant coordinators to help with the wedding. She made sure that things were properly placed, ideas that we had being executed, and made sure we were enjoying our day. Even through unexpected situation she always had a plan B.

I would definately recommend Jennifer and her staff to coordinate any event. She is professional, responsible, creative, and reliable. She made our dream wedding become a reality. We are so blessed to have Jennifer and her team be apart of our wedding. Our family and friends raved about Jennifer and the team. It was like a fairytale event."
- Marilyn
"As a side job, working with weddings, I see how hard wedding planners work. We run photo booth gigs and see the end result. We had the honor in working with Jennifer for our latest event - Wendy & Bobby's wedding.

Prior to setting up we were greeted by Jennifer and could tell she is a sweet person. Entering the venue, everything looked amazing. The color coordination matched what I had imagined working with Wendy's requests for our end on the photo strips. The tables were set up beautifully, everything looked perfect.

She had worked in giving us extra room for our booth so we could operate much more smooth. Thank you for that! Most events we do are tightly spaced but not with Jennifer's great planning service, of course!

The whole entire event ran smoothly. Everything was set in place and everything was on time. What else could a newly wedded couple ask for? Again, I'm speaking from a different perspective and the end result. But that's definitely what matters most!

Good job Jennifer! Thank you for a great experience."

- Michael (Arrow Photobooth)
"Jennifer was awesome! She's super professional, really on top of everything, polite and courteous. Flawless execution of the wedding day. We didn't have to worry about a thing. We couldn't be happier. Strongly consider hiring her."
- Anna
"This review is a little over due as my wedding was in September but I just HAD to write my girl a review to let everyone know how much I love this girl. Yes, love is a strong word but she was literally my right hand woman during this whole wedding process. If I could give Jennifer a billion stars, I totally would. 5 stars does not do Jennifer justice because she goes above and beyond for her brides! Jennifer is.. personable, friendly, extremely detail oriented, helpful, responsive, knowledgeable, honest and just an over all sweetheart! Working a full time job and planning a wedding is no joke, I would email her in the middle of the night (as that was usually my only down time) and most nights she would respond almost immediately! I've said it many times to newly engaged couples before and I'll say it again..., GET A WEDDING COORDINATOR. You will not regret it, you should be able to enjoy your big day without worrying about the little things. Jennifer made sure our wedding stayed on schedule and even stayed late to help clean up. I honestly do not know what I would have done without her help. I could go on and on and on about her professionalism and what an awesome job she did for my husband and I but I highly suggest you see for yourself. Thank you for everything Jennifer, you're truly the best! xoxo"
- Judy 
"Without a doubt, I was truly blessed to have such a great wedding coordinator before my wedding day and for the day of. Jennifer Huie is AMAZING. From Day 1, she just went above and beyond. I would always tell my then fiancé, "I don't know what I would do without Huie," and he would always reply with "Me too, I don't know what I would do." She probably saved us some arguments  Wedding planning and the idea of it is just too stressful for me, especially with a full time job that requires long hours and critical thinking. It was the last thing I wanted to do after work. I feel like Jennifer took a load off my and my then fiancé's shoulder. I put all my trust in her because I just knew she had the skills to do a great job. More importantly, I knew that she wanted my wedding day to be just as perfect as I wanted it to be. She is very knowledgeable, proactive, patient in my delay of responses , organized, and passionate in what she does. Jennifer provided me with a very detailed timeline, a comprehensive layout, creative tips, vendor management, help on my vendor search, tools to keep my wedding details organized, managed my tasks that needed to be completed and more! My advice to future brides is to leave it to the experts and hire HuieCo~! On the day of my wedding, everything went as planned because Jennifer knew what had to be done and took action and control. Because of HuieCO (Jennifer and her assistant Candice), I was able to be worry-free, stressed-free and I can honestly say I loved and enjoyed my wedding day from the moment I woke up on 11.01.14."
- Evelyn
"I do not know how we would have managed without Jennifer!!!
I was one of the first of my friends to get married, I had no idea about the amount of work that went into planning and coordinating everything! Had it not been for her -- we probably would have had been a huge unprepared mess!
Leading up to the wedding, Jennifer was so organized. She had great communication, and was able to coordinate with all our vendors when to arrive.
On the day of, Jennifer managed to set up EVERYTHING. We had lots (TONS) of DIY and no staff at the venue to help set up. Jennifer was amazing, and everything looked even better than I imaged. We were shocked and in awe with how beautifully everything came out.
I cannot express my gratitude enough. We are so thankful we had Jennifer!"
- Jessica
"I wasn't a bride that was excited about wedding planning...I work too much and have too much on my plate to have dealt with all things wedding.  Luckily my husband and I had Jennifer to help us through the entire process!  From coordinating our vendors and making sure they were up to speed on the details, to emailing us updates and asking for information that we either glossed over or forgot to give her.  LIFE SAVER.

Our wedding was absolutely perfect, and we were able to enjoy our day...start to finish without having to worry about logistics because we knew Jennifer and her team were watching over everything and making sure our wedding day went smoothly.  

We 100% would recommend her to anyone looking to hire a fantastic planner.  It was so fun we want to get married again! haha"
- Francine 
"My wife and I got married on May 30 and all I have to say is, "HIRE JENNIFER HUIE WHEN YOU GET MARRIED !!" We got recommended by my wife's cousins and couldn't have been happier. Being the guy, you don't really have to do much, but just "showing up", but after going over all the details of the things that have to be done, I was really amazed and at times overwhelmed how much goes into planning and coordinating a wedding. 

We planned a large size wedding in a very short amount of time and Huie kept us up to date and let us know what else needed to be done, kind of like a wedding "coach". Time tables were down to the minute and if there were any changes that had to be done, she let us know. 

On the actual day of the wedding, she really coordinated and prepared everything so smoothly and didn't make us feel "rushed" at all. She was aware of everything going on and if we needed something she was always there.

All in all, she was very professional and VERY easy to work. She has a lot of knowledge and experience on how to make everything just flow. I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend her, do yourself a favor and give her a call. She'll make your life A LOT easier when it comes to wedding planning/coordinating."
- Andrew
"My now husband and I wanted to blend our Chinese culture and Western influences together but separated from the Atlantic sea caused a few teething problems with the then bride and groom in the early stages of planning and wanting to execute a jumble of ideas. It was tough for my husband and it wasn't until I confided to a friend who referred me to a wedding planner. Jennifer, our saviour because she was with us from day one everything went according to plan till the very end.
We feel privileged to be able to have met Jennifer who hooked us up with the most amazing venue, Castle Green, and connected us the friendliest vendors (Our contact in Castle Green also praised Jennifer for her swiftness and beautifully completed detailed forms they have ever received. For e.g., floor plans with set up instructions etc). She listened, researched and made it her mission to find the perfect match for us. Jennifer and her fantastic team were able to realize our vision and making it more than we imagined it to be. That day was simply magical and perfect.
Her team helped us set everything up with our vendors and the enormous work and dedication went in on the day was second to none. Jennifer and her team helped with the Chinese tea ceremony, set up the decorations for the ceremony and reception, liaised with the vendors in the venue and in between their busy schedule was able to calm the bride, me!
The day flew by with Jennifer's great organization and it meant we didn't have to deal with any issues or problems from the vendors (if there were any!). We were able to enjoy the day with our loved ones. We managed to mingle with our guests and had the best time without any worries.
For all those future brides out there, you will not be disappointed with Jennifer. Jennifer is a fantastic wedding planner and coordinator. I strongly recommend Jennifer's expertise and will be forever grateful whenever I reminisce about the wedding. She will not disappoint you."
- Mei Chu
"For the bride that believes she has it all down & only needs a bit of assistance to the bride that is looking for someone to help guide them through the wedding planning process -- Jennifer Huie is the Wedding Planner for you!
Jennifer did an incredible job at coordinating my best friend's wedding last June (2013). From detailed timelines to scheduling meetings and appointments - she was always on top of it all.
As one of a fourteen-person bridal party, I was completely floored by Jennifer's ability to organize, schedule, and execute pretty hectic timelines with such a large (& sometimes rambunctious) group of people. Even when the pressure was on - she kept her composure and never allowed the bride & groom nor their guests to be aware of any issue.
She also comes with a vast knowledge of trust-worthy vendors - from wedding ceremony/reception sites to florists to hair & make-up artists - she has built quite a strong relationship with many of them.
Aside from her ability to plan and organize -- Jennifer is one of the nicest people I've ever met. She is open-minded and always willing to go beyond the call of duty.
I highly recommend Jennifer Huie to all recently engaged! You will not be disappointed!"
- Faith-Ann
"I really enjoyed having Jenn as my Month of Coordinator. I had a crazy wedding with a guestlist that went from 500, to 600, to 750+. Freakin crazy right?!  I can't believe how calm she remained. Thank goodness I had Jenn to help sort everything out for me. She was my 2nd brain during that last month. She organized everything down to a tee, things I would never even think of! And the way she handled the fact that my guest list went from 600 to 750 in the last month is unbelievable. Freaking out was an understatement. 150 more chiavari chairs, 15 more centerpieces, 15 more linens, more space, etc. Not cool. Thank goodness I had Jenn there to help call around. In the end, she got it all to work out. Amazing, seriously. I have no idea how we, or she, pulled it all off. Not only that, but she created customized timelines for each vendors, and helped make the night flow smoothly. By the end of our wedding night, my husband and I were sooo surprised how smooth our wedding turned out. With 750 guests, there was bound to be something that went wrong! Later, we realized that there were some hiccups (natural misunderstandings) but Jenn figured it out for us so we didn't have to worry about a single thing. Thanks so much for keeping us stress free during our 770 guest wedding!! We truly appreciate all your hard work to make our night flawless, memorable, and the best night ever!! :)"

- Sasha 

"Jennifer was amazing to work with and helped make my dream wedding a reality. Her dedication to detail and ability to organize schedules is perfection. She created customized timelines for the wedding party as well as the vendors...which we all appreciated very much! Jennifer followed up with each of the vendors every week leading up to the wedding - this took an enormous amount of pressure off my shoulders so I could focus on other details. 

Here are some other highlights that stuck out: gave advice about all kinds of things leading up to the big day- wedding games, party favors, grand entrances, cake, linens, etc. 

She is very knowledgeable about local vendors and the dos and don'ts of planning a wedding. It was through Jennifer that I was able to find my florist, make-up artists, and hairstylists...all of them did a great job!

She always remained calm and patient throughout the whole planning process. On the day of the wedding, Jennifer helped the wedding party stay on schedule. 

My wedding was more then I could ever ask for and I give Jennifer a lot of the credit. She is the kind of business professional that gives wedding planners a good name. I would definitely recommend Jennifer to any bride!"
- Niza 
"Jennifer was a tremendous help. She was extremely organized and on top of her game. As a wedding videographer, I appreciate a good timeline... Her timeline was the most detailed and organized timeline I had ever seen! She was very knowledge about the venue and seemed to have a great relationship with the Bride/Groom and the other vendors. It was a pleasure working with her and hope to work with her again soon."

- Greg (Gregory Michael Productions)



"Jennifer was a pleasure to work with not only is she very organized, but she is one of the most friendliest wedding coordinators I've ever met. The night flowed perfect and her time line was very detailed. Thanks Jennifer for your hard work I look forward to working together in the near future!"

- Ryan (DJ Tempoe)

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